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Lot 361: Philip H. Sheridan Signature

Lot 358: Douglas MacArthur Signed Photo

Lot 360: Philippe Petain Signed Photo

Lot 349: Omar Bradley Signed Photo

Lot 345: Iwo Jima: Rene Gagnon ALS

Lot 340: Robert E. Lee Signature

Lot 341: William T. Sherman Signed Photo

Lot 342: William T. Sherman ALS

Lot 335: George A. Custer Envelope

Lot 338: Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson ALS

Lot 346: George S. Patton ALS

Lot 355: Mikhail Kalashnikov Signed Photo

Lot 362: World War II Archive

Lot 339: Robert E. Lee LS

Lot 348: American Generals FDC

Lot 350: Arthur Travers Harris Signed Photo

Lot 353: Paul von Hindenburg DS

Lot 357: Robert E. Lee Hair

Lot 336: Jefferson Davis Envelope

Lot 347: Harold Alexander of Tunis Signed Photo

Lot 343: J. E. B. Stuart Envelope

Lot 356: Henry Lee DS

Lot 354: Iwo Jima: John Bradley Check

Lot 337: Jefferson Davis Signature

Lot 351: Civil War Generals Group Lot

Lot 359: James B. McPherson Signature

Lot 344: Iwo Jima Signed Photos

Lot 343: Three contemporary knives, to include two M10 and a USN Mk 3 mod 0 bayo...

Lot 339: Large group of military related items, to include mirrors, whistles, co...

Lot 340: Six wooden ammo boxes and shipping crates, together with a USMC plastic...