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Lot 319: Indian Wars–Era Bearskin Coat, Gauntlets, and Hat Bearskin Coat, Gauntl...

The Trafalgar Collection of historical Lord Nelson & HMS Victory artefacts

Sir Oliver Leese (WWII general) Personal Photograph Albums

Rambahadur Limbu Autograph

HMS Victory topsail and rope fragments from the Battle of Trafalgar

Lot 144: Spanish-American War Model 1860 Staff & Field Presentation Sword Sword

Lot 146: WWII US Army Enlisted Man's Service Jacket Jacket

Lot 139: Civil War Relics

Lot 147: WWII German Army Ordnance Sword by ALCOSO Sword

Lot 152: World War II Red Cross Mug Mug

Lot 151: World War II Cross

Lot 148: WWII USAAF 14th Air Force A-2 Flight Jacket with Unit Patch and Painted...

Lot 150: WWII German Mauser P38 Pistol Pistol

Lot 149: WWII USAAF 8th Air Force B-10 Flight Jacket with Painted Decorations Ja...

Lot 143: Civil War Brass Shell Non-Regulation Snare Drum Drum

Lot 136: Civil War Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver Revolver

Lot 133: Revolutionary War British Dragoon Bayonet Bayonet

Lot 135: Civil War 1861 Cartridge Box by Decrow of Bangor, Maine Cartridge Box

Lot 84: Nagasaki Original Photograph of a Torii Gate by Yosuke Yamahata Photo

Lot 83: Nagasaki Original Photograph of Debris by Yosuke Yamahata Photo

Lot 117: French Revolution Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 130: Naval History Group Lot

Lot 88: Nagasaki Original Photograph of Desolation by Yosuke Yamahata Photo

Lot 74: Nagasaki Original Photograph of Casualties by Yosuke Yamahata Photo

Lot 81: Nagasaki Original Photograph of the Wounded by Yosuke Yamahata Photo

Lot 116: Albrecht von Wallenstein Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 125: Marc Rene, Marquis de Montalembert Letters

Lot 138: Civil War Smith Cavalry Carbine Carbine

Lot 110: Military Heroes Group Lot

Lot 108: James H. Doolittle Signed Photo