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American D-Day flag valued at up to $60,000

JH Dance Confederate Dragoon revolver to sell

Hiroshima navigator’s log to sell at Bonhams

The Trafalgar Collection of historical Lord Nelson & HMS Victory artefacts

Sir Oliver Leese (WWII general) Personal Photograph Albums

Rambahadur Limbu Autograph

HMS Victory topsail and rope fragments from the Battle of Trafalgar

Adolf Hitler’s office desk sells for $29,000

First world war airman’s letters to sell

Remarkable Tales: The 'Victory Jack'

HMS Victory Union Jack from the Battle of Trafalgar tops $400,000

Historic sale offers Adolf Hitler's "Million Dollar Desk"

Rare WWII German Enigma machine tops $400,000 at Sotheby's

German Classic WWII Leather Trench Coat

Remarkable WWII 'Rat Bomb' to sell at Bonhams

Was this Adolf Hitler's personal phone book?

U.S flag flow during D-Day landings could sell for $50,000

Deadly WWII spy gadget collection set for auction

The scarf hand-knitted for a British war hero by Queen Victoria

Dambusters raid 'Bouncing Bomb' release button sold for £40,000

The Revolutionary War amputation kits of Dr. John Warren

U.S flag flown during D-Day landings to sell at Bonhams

The Secret POW Camp Radio That Inspired A Hollywood Classic

Unseen candid photographs of Adolf Hitler fetch $42,000 in U.K sale

Adolf Hitler's WWII telephone tops $240,000 in U.S auction

Hitler's WWII Telephone to auction in the U.S

The 10 most expensive Enigma machines ever auctioned

German M4 naval Enigma machine sets new world record

Enola Gay navigator's log realises $372,500