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Lot 4027: Seymchan Meteorite Transitional Slice

Lot 4019: Millbilillie Individual Meteorite

Lot 4026: Sericho Meteorite Slice

Lot 4017: Labenne Sahara Individual Meteorite

Lot 4022: Nantan Meteorite

Lot 4025: NWA XXX Meteorite Individual and Thin Section

Lot 4010: Canyon Diablo Meteorite Collection

Lot 4015: Fukang Meteorite Slice

Lot 4023: NWA 869 Meteorite Matched Pair

Lot 4024: Wabar Meteorite

Lot 4020: Moldavite Impact Glass

Lot 4021: Morasko Meteorite Slice

Lot 4007: Admire Nugget Meteorite

Lot 4016: Gibeon Meteorite Sphere

Lot 4018: Libyan Desert Glass Impactite

Lot 4012: Chelyabinsk Meteorite

Lot 4009: Campo del Cielo Etched End Cut Meteorite

Lot 4006: NWA 11303 Lunar Meteorite Slice

Lot 4013: El Boludo Meteorite Slice and Individual

Lot 4011: Dar El Kahal Meteorite Slice

Lot 4001: NWA 8022 Lunar Meteorite Slice

Lot 4002: NWA 11303 Lunar Meteorite End Cut

Lot 4003: NWA 11303 Lunar Meteorite Slice, Lunar Dust, and Charlie Duke Signed P...

Lot 4004: NWA 11789 Lunar Meteorite

Lot 4008: Belle Plaine Meteorite Slice

Lot 4005: NWA 11303 Lunar Meteorite Slice