Top 10 Most Expensive Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia



2015-06-26 10:22:52

A list of the ten most valuable items of memorabilia from the notorious outlaw couple

10) Clyde Barrow’s Pearl Handle Colt 1980 pistol

This Colt Model 1908 Pocket Model Semi Auto pistol with a pearl grip was discovered in Bonnie and Clyde’s car following their fatal ambush as the hands of a posse led by Frank Hamer. The posse’s youngest member, Louisiana Deputy Sheriff Ted Hinton, retrieved the pistol and kept is as a souvenir. He later gifted it to Leslie Clyde Mallon, a professional baseball player who played for the Dallas Steers and met Hinton whilst he served as Dallas County Deputy Sheriff. It was sold at RR Auction in September 2012 for $24,000.

9) Bonnie Parker’s Cosmetic Case

Despite living in a car as a desperate fugitive, Bonnie Parker was renowned for her stylish appearance. She was often photographed wearing the latest fashions, and had freshly-done hair, nails and make-up on the day she was shot and killed. This make-up case, described as “the only feminine touch item in their possession”, was found upon inspection of the couple’s death car and retained by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer. Years later it was sold at RR Auction in September 2012 for $26,400.

8) Clyde Barrow death car coin

This 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar was taken from the pocket of Clyde Barrow’s jacket, which was discovered by Texas Rangers inside the bullet-riddled car following their ambush. It was claimed as a souvenir by posse member Ted Hinton, and later passed through the hands of reputed mobster Paulie Castellano and his convicted getaway driver cousin Armand Castellano. It was eventually sold at RR Auction in 2012 for $32,400.

7) Clyde Barrow’s Pocket Watch

Clyde Barrow’s Elgin pocket watch was one of the few personal items returned to his family following his death (as most were claimed by the posse that killed him or stolen by a mob of morbid souvenir hunters). Clyde’s father Henry Barrow wore the watch every day of his life in memory of his son, until his own death in June 1957. It sold at RR Auction in September 2012 for $36,000.

6) Bonnie Parker’s 1908 Colt Model Pistol

In May 1934 Jesse Orville Pinkston, Sr. was overtaken on the road by a similar-looking Ford, carrying Bonnie and Clyde. Moments later he arrived on the scene of their ambush, with gun smoke still lingering in the air and their bodies on the ground. Posse member Deputy Sheriff Oakley gave Pinkston Sr. this pistol, discovered in Bonie Parker’s handbag, and reportedly said: “We were so trigger happy before the shootout, if Bonnie and Clyde hadn’t passed you, that when we saw your Ford we might have shot you; how would you like a souvenir of the day you almost got killed?” The pistol sold at RR Auction in June 2013 for $39,381.60.

5) Clyde Barrow’s Colt Army Special .38 Revolver

In 1930, Navarro County Sheriff Rufus Pevehouse impounded a stolen car discovered in the yard of Clyde Barrow’s uncle Frank Barrow. A few weeks later, the town of Frost, Texas was hit by a tornado which killed 27 people and flattened every building except for the local jail. The only vehicle at Pevehouse’s disposal during the emergency was the impounded car, and upon driving it he discovered a Colt Army Special .38 Revolver which Barrow had earlier stolen from famed Texas Ranger ‘Lone Wolf’ Gonzales. It was sold at auction in September 2012 for $44,400.

4) Clyde Barrow’s 1909 Colt .45 Revolver

This Colt New Service Model 1909 Double-Action revolver was one of the many guns discovered in Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet-riddled car following their ambush. It was given as a souvenir to A. B. Rogers, Sr., a Deputy Sheriff for the Parish of Bienville, Louisiana, who was on duty in the court house at the time of the couple’s deaths. It was layer sold at RR Auction in 2012 for $45,600.

3) Bonnie Parker’s .38 Colt 1902 pistol

This .38 Colt Model 1902 pistol was discovered secreted on the body of Bonnie Parker by local mortician Charles Francis ‘Boots’ Bailey, whilst he prepared the bodies of the outlaw couple for autopsy. Bailey later found it difficult to embalm to pair, due to the large number of bullet holes in their bodies. He gifted the pistol to the son of his colleague Vern Hightower, and in January 2014 it was sold by Case Antiques in Tennessee for $99,450.

2) Clyde Barrow’s 1911 Army Colt .45 Pistol

When Bonnie and Clyde were shot and killed by the posse led by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, Hamer himself was allowed first choice of gruesome souvenirs. He took this 1911 Army Colt .45 Pistol, discovered in the waistband of Barrow’s trousers and believed to have been stolen from the federal arsenal in Beaumont, Texas. Had Barrow been given the chance to return fire during the ambush, this pistol would doubtless have been the one he reached for first. It was sold at RR Auction in September 2012 for $240,000.

1) Bonnie Parker Colt Detective Special .38 revolver

Frank Hamer’s other main memento was this Colt Detective Special .38 revolver carried by Bonnie Parker at the time of her death. The pistol was found taped to the inside of her thigh with white, medical, adhesive tape, beneath her red dress – where most male officers of the time would not have searched a female suspect. The gun was later gifted to former Texas Ranger and FBI agent Buster Davis, and was sold at RR Auction in September 2012 for $264,000 – a record for a piece of Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia.

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I thought you would be interested in knowing that some of Frank Hamer's personal items like his hunting license, hand written letters to his wife while on the Rio, and group pictures of the Texas Rangers in the early 1900's are up for auction through.
Heritage Auctions
Now-June 11, 2016
"Legends of the west" signature auction

Or you can go to and search Frank Hamer

Really cool stuff!

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