10 Weird, Spooky and Creepy things for sale



2015-06-26 10:06:26

Here are 10 weird and creepy things that are for sale right now

If you're willing to do a bit of poking around there are some seriously weird and creepy things for sale on the internet. We've taken the liberty of gathering 10 of the spookiest things that are on the market right now for your reading pleasure, some of them defy explanation!
Image: GhostStop.com
Ghost Meter
This simple to use reader measures the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) levels surrounding you and is a popular tool with ghost hunters around the world. In simple terms when the dial is at zero it means "no ghosts" when the dial is blipping like crazy and reading 10 it means "Probably ghosts."

Available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, this bread and butter version costs $39.95 at GhostStop.com

Image: Etsy seller "diabolus"
Original "Nicholas Cage Is A Vampire" Photograph
A popular rumour has been going around the internet which claims that the actor Nicholas Cage is a vampire. It wasn't his convincing performance in the 1988 movie Vampire's Kiss that did it though, instead it was this picture taken in 1870 that was the final piece of evidence needed.

It's difficult to deny that the picture really does look like him, although I'd still personally want a bit more to go on before I try and impale one of Hollywood's highest paid actors with a small pointed stick.

The original picture that started it all is for sale on Etsy and the internet hysteria has driven the price up to $250,000- truly the internet can have an amazing impact, especially when powered by a concoction of Nicholas Cage and vampire theories.

For legal reasons I should probably point out that Nicholas Cage is not a vampire.

Image: eBay seller naobud03
Horse Skeleton
On this occasion, words have failed me. While human skeletons are quite common in places where teaching human anatomy is vital, you'll rarely see the skeleton's trusty steed alongside them. How they managed to fit the fully reared horse into that room we may never know.

The seller on eBay is asking $7,800 for the pair; perhaps unsurprisingly this one is "pick up only."

Image: Screen Used
Spike's Face
Spike was a fan favourite character in Joss Whedon's ever popular series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. When he meant business though he could revert to his angry vampire face, which closely resembles a cat that's about to sneeze.

The prosthetic mask fit onto actor James Marster's face and with the addition of some yellow contact lenses and pointy teeth, the look was created. The 'angry vampire face' used on the show is now up for auction at ScreenUsed.com.

Image: Screen Used
Billy Puppet From Saw II
Another lot from Screen Used, this time it is the Billy puppet from the film Saw II. This is the hero prop meaning it's the one used in most of the close up shots and even though he was a puppet in the film his grisly tasks made him seem more cruel and unusual than any human could ever be.

In that respect you can actually buy the antagonist from Saw II. Movie props don't come much cooler than owning a main character! Wait- are those Dorothy's shoes?

Image: Nervous Squirrel
Owl Theremin
Even when it's done well, there's no escaping the innate macabre feeling of taxidermy. In this case the owl has masterfully well done but the real weird factor comes from the fact that it's been turned into a fully functional musical instrument.

Theremins are pretty spooky sounding instruments, too- that's why they've been used on the soundtrack of many horror classics. If you're interested in this one, head over to www.nervoussquirrel.com, their previous work includes the world-famous badgermin.

Image: eBay Seller andreaf350
Victorian Vampire Killing Kits
Many of the Victorian vampire killing kits that you'll see on eBay aren't the real thing, but instead are quite faithful replicas. There were genuine Victorian sets which included stakes, holy water and a hammer and occasionally you’ll see them bringing in not inconsiderable sums at auction- one sold for £7,500 in 2012.

These replica sets should still do the job though, but my advice if you're going to buy one is to make sure your browser history isn't filled with references to Nicholas Cage films. That's how red flags are raised.

Again, for legal reasons Nicholas Cage is not a vampire.

Image: App Store/ Magno Urbano
Ouija Board iPhone Apps
Ouija Boards have long been used as a way to communicate with the 'other side', the infamous board game is shrouded by an air of mystery and unexplained occurrences, ensuring that its reputation as a guaranteed spine-tingler is secured.

Put that game on the iPhone however and you have something entirely different. You're basically texting the dead. It loses a lot of its magic when the spirts learn to use text-speak. "R U ok?" "No, m8 Im ded lol." The app costs £4.99 on the App Store.

Image: CafePress.co.uk
Shroud of Turin Beach Towel
The Shroud of Turin is one of the most closely guarded and highly valued artefacts in the Catholic Church. To many it is seen as a solid tangible link to Jesus Christ and a massively important piece of Christian theology.

The problem with The Shroud however is that it isn't particularly absorbent and it's a pain to wash the sand out of it after you've taken it to the beach. Fortunately CafePress.co.uk have got you covered, with this Shroud of Turin beach towel- yours for only £19!

Image: WelcomeToTwinPeaks.com
Twin Peaks Shirt
David Lynch's cult TV series* Twin Peaks* has earned its place as one of television's best loved shows. Remembered fondly for its strange nature, series of events that at the time made little to no sense and colourful characters (the log was my favourite). While every successful TV show has its own line of branded merchandise, trust* Twin Peaks* to do theirs just that little bit different.

These* Twin Peaks* "Black Lodge Coffee" T-Shirts are printed with a special ink that actually smells of the coffee that Special Agent Dale Cooper was so fond of. Making friends just got easier- who wouldn't want to hang around with someone that smells of coffee all day long? What a damn fine idea.

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