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Lot 598: Sheet zinc figure of Gabriel

Lot 599: Albany Grease tin

Lot 596: Pine and oak bentwood pantry box

Lot 593: Bar pattern quilt

Lot 591: Mariners star variant quilt

Lot 588: Fan pattern quilt

Lot 578: Pieced Amish youth quilt

Lot 581: Pieced and appliqué sunbonnet quilt

Lot 586: Red, white and blue tumbling block quilt

Lot 567: Amish pieced quilt

Lot 575: Pieced and appliqué sampler quilt

Lot 562: Pieced Trip Around the World quilt

Lot 553: Flying geese variant quilt

Lot 546: Pieced flying geese variant quilt

Lot 557: Flying geese variant quilt

Lot 561: Pieced tumbling block quilt

Lot 585: Star pattern quilt

Lot 577: Amish diamond in square quilt

Lot 583: Amish block pattern youth quilt

Lot 541: Pieced lone star crib quilt

Lot 563: Rainbow bar quilt

Lot 573: Flying geese quilt

Lot 525: Three Chinese silk embroideries

Lot 540: Appliqué block in sawtooth border crib quilt

Lot 524: Two Oriental silk embroideries

Lot 574: Pieced lone star quilt

Lot 580: Blue and white diamond quilt

Lot 496: Carved sandstone Buddha head

Lot 590: Amish log cabin quilt

Lot 498: Oriental watercolor scroll