Victoria Cross Sales History Highlights

£1.5 million

Estimated sale price of the most valuable VC ever sold – Noel Chavasse's cross and bar


2010 auction price of John Knox's Crimea VC from 1854 – the first awarded


Price of the first VC ever sold – that of Crimea veteran Thomas Reeves in 1884

Circa 200

The number of VCs owned by Lord Ashcroft

Most valuable VCs ever sold

  1. Captain Noel Chavasse (WWI): estimated £1.5 million in 2009
  2. Private Edward Kenna (New Guinea): £678,000 in 2011
  3. Captain Alfred Shout (WWI): £406,716 in 2006
  4. Staff Sergeant George Howell (WWI): £385,000 in 2011
  5. Colonel John Grant (Tibet): £340,000 in 2014

Click here to read our interview with Michael Naxton, the curator of Lord Ashcroft's famed medal collection.


"VCs are more than just medals. They are testaments to the astonishing courage of a select group of soldiers.
"The Commonwealth's greatest military decoration has been awarded less than 1,500 times. Its rarity and the stirring tales of bravery associated with each medal ensure strong auction prices.
"VCs are being awarded less and less often. Only 15 have been granted since the second world war. Expect to see these rare, modern examples become among the most hotly contested VCs at auction over the coming decades."

About the JustCollecting Victoria Cross Sales History

The JustCollecting Victoria Cross Sales History reveals the auction and private sale prices (where known) of Victoria Crosses, since the first sale in 1884.

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