Political Leaders Autograph Index Highlights


Average increase per annum


Alex Salmond biggest increase


Ho Chi Minh most valuable signed photograph


Saddam Hussein biggest faller

Investing in signed photos of political leaders: JustCollecting political leaders autograph index reveals the best performers between 2013-2014

Ex First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, is the surprising “best performer” showing an 85% increase in value.

  • Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh the most valuable signed photograph at $11,000, with only three examples known to exist outside of Museums.
  • The index, which focuses on regularly traded signed photographs, has seen a 7.91% per annum increase 2013-2014
  • Saddam Hussein the biggest loser – down 16.70% in value.

Best performing political leaders signed photographs between 2013-2014

  1. Alex Salmond: up 85.00% per annum to $296
  2. Kim Jong-Un: up 66.67% pa to $400
  3. Xi Jinping: up 22.22% pa to $440
  4. Barack Obama: up 16.67% pa to $560
  5. Stephen Harper: up 12.28% pa to $64

Most valuable signed photographs in the Index

  1. Ho Chi Minh: $11,000
  2. Winston Churchill: $10,700
  3. Nelson Mandela: $6,300
  4. Margaret Thatcher: $1,430
  5. Barack Obama: $560

About the JustCollecting Political Leaders Autograph Index

The JustCollecting Political Leaders Autograph Index tracks the value of genuine signed photographs that are regularly traded around the world, using analysis of auctions and private sales, in addition to expert opinion.

Values shown are reflective of "Museum Quality" examples – unless otherwise stated.

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Margaret Thatcher signed photograph

Ho Chi Minh autographed photograph