Dead Rock Stars Autograph Index Highlights


Increase in value of David Bowie's autograph between 2015 and 2016


Increase in value between 2000-2016 of George Harrison's autograph, the index's best performer


2016 value of John Lennon's autograph, the most valuable signature in the index


Average increase of the JustCollecting Dead Rock Stars Autograph Index between 2000 and 2016

Investing in dead rock stars' autographs: index unveils the best performers since 2000

Investment-grade dead rock stars' autographs have grown in value by 309.6% on average since 2000, reveals the 2016 edition of the JustCollecting Dead Rock Stars Autograph Index.

  • Demand soared for David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister autographs in the weeks following their deaths - pushing up prices.
  • George Harrison's autograph provided the best return on investment of the dead rock stars' autographs in the index – up 1823.1% since 2000
  • Other leading performers were John Lennon and Michael Jackson – both up 900% since 2000
  • Karen Carpenter is the most valuable female artist in the index. The Carpenters signed photos are worth £1,500

Best performing dead rock stars' autographs 2015-2016

  1. David Bowie: up 200% to £450
  2. Lemmy Kilmister: up 100% to £100
  3. Kurt Cobain: up 20% to £600
  4. Brian Jones: up 12.5% to £450
  5. Bob Marley: up 10% to £175

Best performing dead rock stars' autographs 2000-2016

  1. George Harrison: up 1823.1% to £3,750
  2. John Lennon: up 900% to £6,950
  3. Michael Jackson: up 900% to £1,750
  4. David Bowie: up 500% to £450
  5. Jimi Hendrix: up 498% to £5,950

Most valuable autographs in the JustCollecting Dead Rock Stars Autograph Index

  1. John Lennon: £6,950
  2. Jimi Hendrix: £5,950
  3. George Harrison: £3,750
  4. Elvis Presley: £3,500
  5. Michael Jackson: £1,750


"A musician's shocking death adds great value to that person's autograph. Just look at John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis at the most valuable end of the index.
"Yet other elements are also at work. It is George Harrison whose signature has increased most in value since 2000. The Beatle died from cancer in 2001. His autograph has grown by 1823.1% over the past 16 years. This suggests that the factors of limited supply and enduring fame also play a major role in establishing long-term value.
"David Bowie's death in January 2016 saw a spike in demand for his autograph, causing values to surge. Lemmy Kilmister's passing in December 2015 also prompted a spike as fans sought their own personal memento from the star."

About the JustCollecting Dead Rock Stars Autograph Index

The JustCollecting Dead Rock Stars Autograph Index tracks the value of investment-grade dead rock stars' autographs using analysis of auctions and private sales, in addition to expert opinion.

Values shown are an evaluation of the market value for a fully authenticated, best quality signed photo (unless otherwise stated).

A “best quality” example will feature a photograph in superb condition, depicting the subject in their most famous era, with a sharp, clear signature acquired during that period.

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