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Lot 532: Three etched glass flips

Lot 399: Colorless glass apothecary bottle

Lot 373: Etched glass hurricane shade

Lot 351: Six contemporary olive glass bottles

Lot 140: Pair of flint glass master salts

Lot 141: Pair of cut glass covered urns

Lot 570: A group of five 1970s studio glass vases comprising a metallic flambe d...

Lot 571: A Victoria Diamond Jubilee commemorative leaded stained glass panel

Lot 568: A Moser Alexandrite mauve glass bowl

Lot 569: A Kosta glass vase engraved with leaves and branches by Vicke Lindstran...

Lot 639: Slag glass shade with spider web overlay

Lot 695: Colin Pearson batwing vase

Lot 693: Crown Devon lustre vase

Lot 694: Colin Pearson batwing vase

Lot 692: Two pieces of Holmesgaard glass

Lot 674: Two art glass stands

Lot 656: Glass

Lot 453: Pair of Bohemian glass lustres

Lot 456: Eight art glass wines

Lot 450: Pair of ruby glass and tin fluid lamps

Lot 563: Large etched glass flip

Lot 446: Four silver-plate and cut glass serving utensils

Lot 452: Five pieces of colorless glass

Lot 433: Art glass bowl

Lot 447: Hawkes brilliant cut glass bowl

Lot 449: Brilliant cut glass items. Mid size round bowl and smaller oblong bowl...

Lot 438: Modernist glass sculpture

Lot 421: Ken Walton art glass vase

Lot 424: Art glass mask

Lot 409: Three pieces of brilliant cut glass