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Lot 400: Pennsylvania painted doll cradle

Lot 190: Early stick leg doll

Lot 634: Grace S. Putnam

Lot 636: Approximately thirty-two contemporary Black Americana cloth dolls

Lot 299: Cloth dolls

Lot 1496: J. D. Kestner 245 Hilda bisque head character doll

Lot 1321: Pennsylvania painted doll cradle

Lot 1328: Four pieces of carved doll furniture

Lot 724: Wicker doll stroller

Lot 625: Hopi polychrome Kachina doll

Lot 444: Pair of black Americana walnut head dolls

Lot 175: Early black Americana cloth doll

Lot 1376: Carved Hopi Kachina doll

Lot 1215: French cloth sailor doll

Lot 1166: Maple doll rope bed

Lot 1076: Pennsylvania painted pine doll cradle

Lot 1933: Antique Asian painted dolls

Lot 941: Simon and Halbig porcelain head doll

Lot 886: Two Skookum Indian dolls

Lot 375: Dolls’ House Furniture

Lot 191: A good mixed lot to include Russian dolls

Lot 628: Dolls

Lot 1144: Group of dolls and accessories

Lot 488: Two 1920s lavender half dolls