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? Possible rare 1974 Sindy Balllerina Doll

? Possible rare 1974 Sindy Balllerina Doll

19th Century 'Helene Alicia’ doll smashes estimate at auction

Collectors edition Moschino Barbie sells out in an hour

Creepy vintage dolls for Halloween

Exhibition featuring Virgin Mary Barbie causes outrage

Rare Bisque doll Sells for $115,900 at toy auction

Barbie to make one of a kind Zendaya doll

Ventriloquist doll collection to fetch $500k

New wi fi connected Barbie Doll that actually talks back

Dolls house built by WWI soldier sells for £1,000

Dolls house built by soldier during WW1 to auction

Barbie fans flock to collectors convention in Washington

One of the greatest modern Barbie doll collections to auction

Stanley Colorite's $80K Barbie Doll Collection

Investing in Barbie Dolls?

Growing Up Skipper (1975)

Ken #1 Brownette (1961)

Barbie Roman Holiday Outfit (1959)

Barbie #1 Brunette (1959)

Barbie #1 Blonde (1959)

'Queen of Africa' doll outselling Barbie

Rare French bisque smiling poupee dol

Georgian Style Dolls House to be sold

Beautiful original Nancy Ann style doll

Quirky Dolls of the 60s/70s. Little Miss No Name

5 Most Expensive dolls of all time L oiseleur

rare boxed sindy dolls vintage

vintage dolls sindy barbie collection

Babrie Mattel sales plummet American Girl dolls