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Lot 400: Pennsylvania painted doll cradle

Lot 190: Early stick leg doll

Lot 634: Grace S. Putnam

Lot 636: Approximately thirty-two contemporary Black Americana cloth dolls

Lot 299: Cloth dolls

Lot 1496: J. D. Kestner 245 Hilda bisque head character doll

Lot 1321: Pennsylvania painted doll cradle

Lot 1328: Four pieces of carved doll furniture

Ideal 1970 PATTI PARTRIDGE Doll In ORIGINAL Outfit~Partridge Family EXCELLENT

Mattel 1960's CHATTY CATHY Doll ~#5 Long Blonde Pigtails ~ORIGINAL Outfit ~CLEAN...

Lot 724: Wicker doll stroller

Lot 625: Hopi polychrome Kachina doll

Lot 444: Pair of black Americana walnut head dolls

Lot 175: Early black Americana cloth doll

Mountain Goat Plush Stuffed Toy Wild Wonders Fluffy White Cute

Cloth Doll Woman Barbados Spool Shawl Dress Kerchief Donkey Cart Orange White Vt

Martinique Doll Woman Plastic Kerchief Gold Beads Map Tropical Flowers Lace Vtg

Growth Chart Gund Bear Tales Collection for Kids Cream Colour New in Box

Vintage Nancy Ann Storybook Single Doll Blonde Original Dress 1AA11

Wooden Doll Made in Poland Blonde Braids Dress Hat Vintage

Lot 1376: Carved Hopi Kachina doll

Lot 1215: French cloth sailor doll

Lot 1166: Maple doll rope bed

Lot 1076: Pennsylvania painted pine doll cradle

Lot 1933: Antique Asian painted dolls

Lot 941: Simon and Halbig porcelain head doll

Lot 886: Two Skookum Indian dolls

Lot 375: Dolls’ House Furniture

Lot 191: A good mixed lot to include Russian dolls

Lot 628: Dolls