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Lot 1401: Assorted group of comic books

Lot 3034: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster 'Reign of Superman' 1933 Fanzine

Lot 36: Robert Crumb Original Color Drawing of Fritz the Cat

Lot 48: Bill Sienkiewicz Original Hand-Drawn Cover Art for ''Comet Man #5''

Lot 1405: Miscellaneous group, to include comic books, etc.

Lot 468: Charles Schulz Book

Lot 470: Charles Schulz TLS

Lot 472: Charles Schulz Book

Lot 467: Charles Schulz Print

Lot 469: Charles Schulz Booklet

Lot 471: Charles Schulz TLS

Lot 466: Charles Schulz Book

Lot 424: Stan Lee - Awesome black-bodied Peavey Marvel Rockmaster right-handed e...

Lot 425: Charles Schulz - Signed book: Snoopy. NY: Rinehart & Co.

Lot 421: William Gaines - Publisher and co-editor of EC Comics (1922–1992)

Lot 410: Charles Schulz, Signed book: Love Is Walking Hand in Hand. San Francisc...

Lot 409: Virgil Ross, Original graphite and colored pencil sketch of an agitated...

Lot 407: Bob Kane, Original felt tip sketch of Batman on a beige 4.75 x 4 sheet

Lot 408: Walter Lantz, Collection of seven Walter Lantz Productions checks

Lot 551: Robert Crumb

Lot 270: Mooney Jim

Lot 240: Two inscribed volumes published by DC Comics

Lot 257: Krazy Kat Komix - Five Volumes

Lot 239: Sergio Aragonés The Groo Chronicles - signed

Lot 237: 25 Volumes of Dick Tracy

Lot 238: Three Issues of Two-Fisted Tales

Lot 543: J. S. Pughe

Lot 513: Pat Sullivan

Lot 526: Hal Foster

Lot 540: George McManus