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Lot 534: Antique concealed erotic box

Lot 533: Erotic Reclining Lady box

Lot 532: Erotic concealed music box

Lot 531: Antique, antler chair

Lot 530: Taxidermy, elephant foot humidor

Lot 527: Taxidermy, wolf

Lot 529: Taxidermy, two ashtrays: hippopotamus foot and elephant foot

Lot 525: Erotic, carved whale's tooth

Lot 528: Taxidermy, two ashtrays: brown bear foot and black bear foot

Lot 524: Erotic, True Love scrimshaw and carved whale's tooth

Lot 526: Taxidermy, turtle

Lot 522: Erotic, cased chopstick and knife holder set

Lot 520: Erotic, Insects phallus

Lot 519: Japanese, erotic basket-form boxes

Lot 521: Erotic, Insects phallus

Lot 518: Japanese, erotic netsuke

Lot 523: Erotic, scrimshaw whale's tooth

Lot 517: Japanese, erotic netsuke

Lot 516: Japanese, erotic netsuke

Lot 515: Japanese, three erotic netsuke: two figural groups and a nude woman mis...

Lot 513: Japanese, three erotic netsuke: octopus

Lot 514: Japanese, erotic figures: pair and a figural group (three items total)

Lot 512: Japanese, fruit / vegetable carved erotic diptychs

Lot 511: Japanese, erotic fruit-form diptychs

Lot 510: Japanese, Whistling Penis netsuke

Lot 509: Erotic, Skeleton and Nude Embrace figural sculpture

Lot 508: Continental, Fellatio erotic box

Lot 507: Chinese, 69 concealed erotic box

Lot 503: Erotic, Naughty Dog box

Lot 506: Continental, Fellatio concealed erotic box