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New British £5 note sells for £4,150 at charity auction

Mary Somerville to appear on Scottish Polymer banknotes

Dog chewed banknote 'entered for Turner Prize'

Seattle Asian Art Museum to hold exhibition of Korean contemporary art

Rare 1794 dollar to sell for millions in New York

1860s Printer's Advertising sheet

1954 Canadian Dollar banknote

Thousand year old coin sold for £660 at auction

Royal Canadian Mint release new limited Superman Coin collection

1928 Irish £50 Note

Circulated John Bradbury Ten Shilling Banknote

Operation Bernhard Forgeries at auction

Turkish Muhammad V, Gold coin collectors extremely fine

1923 US 5 Five Dollar Bill Porthole

Ten Lirot / Five Lirot Israeli banknotes auction

1920-D Dime US Coin near impeccable auction

Royal Canadian Mint coins collectors coins

Anglo-Saxon silver penny East Anglian king sold at auction

Republic of China. Gold 500 Yuan Marco Polo, 1993 coin

1999 Fifty Pounds Gold Crown Auction

Fifty Pound Falkland Islands Note For Sale

White £5 Note Sold at Auction

Perfect FDC proof specimen Silver 3 mark coin

1999 Churchill commemorative coin set

Us Coin 1831 capped bust quarter

Extreamly rare Charles II finest example coin

Video coin collecting Numismatic investing

Kunker Berlin Rare coin auction

Group eight gold coins auction

Saint Pierre and Miquelon 1 Nouveau (New) Franc on 50 Francs