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Royal Mint to open its doors to the public for the first time

The Royal Mint unveil new 'Queen's Beasts' bullion coins

$10 million Flowing Hair Silver Dollar on display in London

Rare ancient gold coin found by hiker

A hoard of ancient coins has been found in China

Special edition Beatrix Potter coins

Hoard of 700 year old Danish coins discovered in field

Georgian coin hoard found in a Blackburn cemetery

Australian coins given a modern makeover

Skulls & fires feature on new UK coin designs

Royal Mint roll out final batch of round British pound coins

Late Republican Brutus 42 BC AV Aureus

Royal Mint issue UK's first ever £50 coin

Silver coin haul found in Welsh field declared treasure

The Royal Mint Give a Brief History of Monarchy on Coins

Royal Mint to give away 2,015 Lucky Christmas Sixpence Coins

Perth Mint release silver Star Trek coins

16th century coins found in Shropshire declared treasure

Monuments men awarded congressional medal of honor

Koran to lead Laurent collection sale in Paris

Royal Mint issue coin to mark Queen Elizabeth II's reign

Hoard of Viking coins declared as treasure

Rare silver 2p coin raises £800 for hospital

Hoard of Nazi era gold coins discovered

Royal Canadian Mint's 2015 Alpha Wolf Coin

Is this a half shekel from tyre? One coin collector thinks so.

17th century token coins from Somerset sell for £18K

Victoria proof five pound 'Una and the Lion' coin to auction

Finest graded Three Graces English crown coin to auction