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Tommy Hilfiger's Pop art collection to sell at Phillips in New York

Björk brings virtual reality to Somerset House this September

A new Banksy mural has appeared on a Bristol primary school

Street artist Pegasus turns David and Victoria Beckham into classic art

Scientists reveal real Banksy through 'geographic profiling'

Van Gogh is renting out his 'Bedroom in Arles' on Airbnb

Pre Raphaelite sketches on display in UK for the first time

New Banksy artwork appears on the French embassy

New Banksy artwork appears on the French embassy

Dismaland billboard fetches “surprisingly low” price on eBay

Leonardo DiCaprio buys Walton Ford piece for $250K

Banksy's Dismaland gives boost of £20M to Weston

Alan Partridge exhibition comes to Moosey Art in Norwich

Pig Eating Cupcake

Kirchner Lithograph in Sotheby's Prints Auction

Fruit Loops Landscape

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector at the Barbican

David Hammons' Hair-Relaxer at Auction

Edgar Degas 'Scène De Ballet' for Bonhams Auction

Banksy Works at Auction

William Verdult artwork at auction

Collector pays $45 million for Chinese Imperial Artwork

René Magritte's L'autre Son De Cloche

Keith Haring lot to lead Sotheby's auction

Banksy's Mobile Lovers sold at auction after a lengthy dispute

4chan Screenshot Sells for $90,900 on ebay

Dustin Yellin- Small Figure (2014)

Banksy Mariachi Player at auction

Jim Sandborn The Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries

Electrified Cat Sculpture