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Apollo and Gemini memorabilia leads Heritage space memorabilia sale

Apollo Expeditions map signed by 15 astronauts

First Picture Taken by Man in Space

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Caviar and Espresso machine delivered to ISS

Soviet Red Army Hat signed by Yuri Gagarin

Picture of US Astronaut Ed White

Edmund Scientific Spilhaus Clock

Cosmonaut Flight Suit at auction

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Apollo 11 Command Module Signed by Buzz Aldrin

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Homemade NASA mission control and space simulator

Apollo 13 flown heat shield plug

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Signed Bob Stewart space walk Photo

Dr Wernher Von Braun walks on the moon

RealSpace Models

Mock-up Apollo 11 Command Module

Apollo Training Manual Auction

Cosmonaut mirror worn in space outside of Mir at RR Auction

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Congress renames NASA flight center after Neil Armstrong

Star Trek & Star Wars Vintage Metal Lunch Boxes

China celebrate country\'s first lunar landing with rover stamps and medallions

NBC list of cosmic events 2014

Signed Wally Schirra Mercury Atlas 8 Launch Photograph for sale

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The Sky Tonight: Christmas Stars 1-23 December

Michael P. Wright Space Collection