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Lot 987: Roderick Wallace Signature

Lot 983: Casey Stengel Signed Photo

Lot 982: Billy Southworth Signature

Lot 968: Mantle, Mays, DiMaggio, and Snider Signed Photo

Lot 979: Mariano Rivera Baseball

Lot 965: Chuck Klein Signature

Lot 964: Michael Jordan Signature

Lot 957: Ralph DePalma Signature

Lot 962: Gil Hodges Signed photo

Lot 950: Usain Bolt Signed Photos

Lot 949: Moe Berg Signature

Lot 947: Muhammad Ali Signature

Lot 945: Muhammad Ali Signed Photo

Lot 944: Muhammad Ali Pamphlet

Lot 942: Muhammad Ali AQS

Lot 929: Baseball Hall of Famer and Superstar Game Used Bat and Jersey Card Coll...

Lot 924: 1959 B'nai B'rith Sports Lodge Signed Dinner Program with Unitas and Ma...

Lot 916: Wizard of Oz: Ray Bolger Signed Photos

Lot 917: Wizard of Oz: Bert Lahr Signature

Lot 911: Ben Turpin Typed Signed Letter

Lot 909: Three Stooges: Larry Fine Signature

Lot 905: James Stewart Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 903: Star Trek Promo Card

Lot 901: Tyrone Power and Katharine Cornell Signed Photo

Lot 900: Luke Perry Signed Photo

Lot 899: Our Gang: Allen Hoskins Signed Photo

Lot 849: The Breakfast Club Signed Photo

Lot 897: Monty Python Signed Photo

Lot 843: Tallulah Bankhead Signed Photo

Lot 892: Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando Photo