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Lot 1010: Mickey Mantle Napkin

Lot 995: Arthur Ashe Signed Photo

Lot 1007: Mickey Mantle Signed Photo

Lot 1004: Jean Lussier Group Lot

Lot 1020: Ted Williams Baseball

Lot 992: Muhammad Ali Pamphlet

Lot 962: Star Wars: Prowse and Jones Signed Photo

Lot 987: Joe Louis Signature

Lot 953: Don Siegel Signed Photo

Lot 993: Muhammad Ali Signed Photo

Lot 1021: Ted Williams Baseball Bat

Lot 1017: Sam Snead Group Lot

Lot 1003: Evel Knievel Signed Photo

Lot 1008: Mickey Mantle Signed Photo

Lot 956: Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry Signature

Lot 1018: Soccer: Pele, Eusebio, and Maradona Group Lot

Lot 1011: Minnesota Twins: 1964 and 1970 Baseballs

Lot 1005: Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini Group Lot

Lot 978: Roberto Clemente Signed Photo

Lot 1002: Football Hall of Famers Football

Lot 974: Wizard of Oz: Margaret Hamilton Signature

Lot 980: Ty Cobb Signed Photo

Lot 968: Elizabeth Taylor Signed Photo

Lot 973: Wizard of Oz: Margaret Hamilton Signed Photo

Lot 898: Gone With the Wind: Laura Hope Crews Handwritten Signed Note

Lot 949: Laurence Schwab Signed Letter

Lot 976: Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Ken Norton Program

Lot 957: Star Trek: Shatner and Montalban Signed Photo

Lot 931: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 921: James Mason Signed Photo