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Lot 1725: Two Chinese porcelain jardinières

Lot 1724: Eight volumes of Presidential writings

Lot 1722: Assorted group of fiction

Lot 1719: The Beacon Lights of History, by John Lord

Lot 1715: Lladro figures of a police officer and a fireman

Lot 1706: Collection of six Royal Doulton figures

Lot 1687: Parker tin match vesta case with candle, etc.

Lot 1705: Italian hand-painted dinnerware

Lot 1701: Kittinger mahogany two-part breakfront

Lot 1695: Two Japanese frog match vesta cases

Lot 1694: Birmingham silver padlock match vesta case

Lot 1727: Red stained pencil post rope bed

Lot 1723: Traité de la Paix Intérieure

Lot 1721: The Complete Works of James Fenimore Cooper

Lot 1711: Collection of five Royal Doulton figures

Lot 1703: Villeroy & Boch porcelain dinnerware

Lot 1702: Baker mahogany two-part secretary

Lot 1699: Three advertising match vesta safes

Lot 1697: Four advertising match vesta safes

Lot 1684: Four silver plated match vesta cases

Lot 1670: Semi-antique Tabriz style carpet

Lot 1667: Kashan carpet, ca. 1930

Lot 1666: Hamadan carpet, ca. 1930

Lot 1661: Group of fiction works

Lot 1660: Group of historical reference books

Lot 1625: Large Navajo Yei rug

Lot 1657: Books of Chester County interest

Lot 1640: Decorative objects

Lot 1656: Group of fiction.

Lot 1635: New England redware flower pot