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Lot 1817: Oval stained glass window

Lot 1816: Tim Hoover oil on canvas floral still life

Lot 1802: Chippendale mahogany looking glass

Lot 1809: Large antique ships wheel

Lot 1804: Carved and painted ship model

Lot 1798: Three porcelain figures of classical maidens

Lot 1797: Three painted porcelain plaques

Lot 1796: Jade cat group, together with a pair of lions

Lot 1791: Junghans brass desk clock

Lot 1790: Bronze figure of a whippet or greyhound

Lot 1789: Porcelain figural lamp, together with a stand

Lot 1787: Small group of gold, silver and costume jewelry.

Lot 1779: Katherine Houston pottery centerpiece

Lot 1775: Collection of woodenware

Lot 1767: Poetica Erotica, edited by T.R. Smith

Lot 1760: Two Hopi carved and painted Kachina figures

Lot 1748: Two Southwest woven rugs

Lot 1747: Carolina Lily quilt top

Lot 1690: Ernest Meyer oil on canvas landscape

Lot 1727: Churn dash quilt

Lot 1819: George III mahogany chest of drawers, late 18th c.

Lot 1818: Three quarter round stained glass windows, 45 1/2''

Lot 1813: Radio controlled airplane Scooter 007

Lot 1814: Large radio controlled airplane

Lot 1803: French marquetry secretaire abattant

Lot 1794: Emlen Etting Jr. mixed media and decoupage

Lot 1776: Harrison Begay pair of casein on paper figures

Lot 1782: Three Connecticut pay vouchers 18th c.

Lot 1770: The Eight Volumes of Letters

Lot 1688: Chippendale mahogany looking glass