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iRig 2 Audio Dongle

1840 Guitar Made by Pierre René Lacote at auction

Yardbirds Signed Guitar

Automated Jukebox is the coolest thing

1962 Fender Tremolux Head and Cabinet

1968 modified Gibson SG at auction

Heritage's Massive Instruments and Equipment Auction

Prototype Les Paul isn't messiah, is a very naughty boy

Millennium Falcon guitars for sale

Signed Bob Dylan Seven Piece Harmonica Kit

The Edge's First Guitar Heading to Auction

Eric Johnson's 1962 Stratocaster for sale

PRS PRSSC58 singlecut guitar

Moog to bring back three retro models

1954 Fender Stratocaster

George Harrison/ Eric Clapton Gibson Les Paul

Damien Hirst 'Spin' Strat Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Special on Preloved

Francis Rossi to retire Telecaster

Epiphone Supernova Signed by Oasis

Vic Flick's Fender Stratocaster heading to auction

1997 Eric Clapton Signature Fender Stratocaster

Gibson Reverse Flying V

Little Big Muff Pi

Johnny Marr's Waves For Water Strat

Creedence Clearwater Revival's Speaker Cabinet

1954 Stratocaster (heavily) Used

Vintage Bankelite Philco Radio

1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top at auction

Playboy Edition Gibson SG