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Western Art and American Impressionism lead Heritage sale

Maxfield Parrish artwork leads Heritage Auctions' record-breaking sale

Levin American Folk Art Collection to sell at Sotheby's

Historic 'lost' Julian Onderdonk artwork leads Heritage auction

Bonhams to host exhibition featuring works of John Meyer

Emilie Preyer painting sets new record in Heritage sale

Huang Quang Five Dynasty artwork valued at $40million?

Minimalist Pallet by Chris Riggs (For Mayor)

Gauguin Becomes Most Expensive Artwork Ever Sold

Sotheby's Break Auction Records in London

Bonhams Dogs in Show & Field Auction

Frozen River At Sunset at Sotheby's

Sotheby's Important Russian Art Auction

Robert Lincoln Springfels "Personell of Box Factory"

Jasper Johns' Flag valued at $15-20 million at Sotheby's

Any Warhol at Christie's

Tom Pfannerstill - From the Street

Horse in the Rain, Elisabeth Frink auction

Norman Rockwell After the Prom

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Auction

Picasso Ceramics auction at Sotheby\'s

A Nightmare on Elm Street Lunchbox

Jeff Koons overrated artist

Millions In Renoir’s Work And Personal Items Sold At Auction

Pierre-Auguste Renoir auction sparks protest from the Impressionist master\'s gr...