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Lot 157: Jay Berwanger 1st Player Drafted By NFL

Lot 154: Elston Howard & Joe Dimaggio

Lot 159: Mark Spitz Original Signed Pencil Sketch

Lot 153: 1953 Lefty Grove Signed Artvue Hall Of Fame Plaque Postcard

Lot 152: Joe Dimaggio Signed HOF Plaque

Lot 147: Laurel & Hardy Signed Photograph

Lot 151: Theda Bara Signed Photograph

Lot 140: Carole Lombard Signed Photograph

Lot 134: Giuseppe Verdi Rare Letter

Lot 126: Joseph Pulitzer Signature

Lot 118: Wells Fargo Stock

Lot 113: Rare Apollo 17 Signed Recovery Force On USS Ticonderoga

Lot 101: Orville Wright Signed Check

Lot 110: Apollo 11 Oversized Signed Photo (Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins)

Lot 98: Original Henson Sketch Of Kermit The Frog

Lot 97: Robert Motherwell Signed Book

Lot 146: Josephine Baker Signed Photograph

Lot 138: Rudolph Valentino Signed Photo

Lot 137: Enrico Caruso Signed Photograph

Lot 132: Elvis Presley Signature And Polaroid Photograph

Lot 123: James C. Fargo, James F Fargo & William H. Seward Jr, Signed American E...

Lot 124: William Bingham - Philadelphia And Lancaster Turnpike

Lot 144: Gloria Swanson Signed Contract

Lot 141: Edward Everett Horton Jr. Signed Photograph

Lot 135: Joseph Joachim Signature

Lot 145: Henry Irving Signed Photograph

Lot 156: Larry Bird Signed Original Sketch

Lot 149: Mae West Signed Photograph

Lot 93: John Singer Sargent Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 88: Maurice De Vlaminck ALS