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Lot 224: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Document Signed

Lot 226: London Newspaper from August 1763, Announcing the Mason-Dixon Line Surv...

Lot 221: Large 37-Star Parade Flag After Nebraska Joined the Union

Lot 223: Vermont 14-Star Flag, Circa 1870s

Lot 220: Dark Town Battery Cast Iron 19th Century Mechanical Bank

Lot 219: Boy Scout Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

Lot 210: Star Wars Director's Cut #1 Signed by Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carri...

Lot 215: Women's Suffrage Button, Circa 1912

Lot 206: Julie Andrews and Sound of Music Cast-Signed Photo

Lot 205: William Shatner on Fighting as Captain Kirk:

Lot 166: Elijah Muhammad Document Signed From 1958

Lot 202: Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Lot of 17 Autograph Letters...

Lot 194: 'Aliens Cast Signed Movie Poster

Lot 179: Bruce Lee's Grey Cotton Jacket

Lot 218: William Bligh Document Signed From 1798 for His Ship, the HMS Director

Lot 208: Star Wars Cast-Signed Darth Vader Helmet

Lot 201: Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke Signed Limited Edition Mary Poppins Artwo...

Lot 192: Aliens Cast Signed M41A Pulse Rifle

Lot 187: Sarah Silverman Personally Owned Crank Yankers Puppet

Lot 186: Superman Hero Costume Worn by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 Superman Fi...

Lot 184: Lobby Card From Universal's Classic 1935 Film The Raven Starring Boris...

Lot 225: Mason Bank Cast Iron 19th Century Mechanical Bank

Lot 175: Jim Henson Handwritten Notes of a Muppets Segment From a Very Early TV...

Lot 170: Disney Original Concept Painting From 1946 for Song of the South by Mar...

Lot 168: 52 Photographs of the Wounded Knee Massacre and Its Aftermath

Lot 167: Little Bighorn Battle Relic

Lot 158: Che Guevara Signed Photo

Lot 150: George Custer Envelope Made Out in His Hand to his Wife

Lot 144: Tadeusz Kosciuszko Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 137: George Washington Long Live the President Inaugural Coat Button From th...