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Personal collection of Jane Fonda to sell at Julien's Auctions

MONDO are launching Alien themed collectibles for Alien Day

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Indiana Jones costume on display in Wales as part of archaeology exhibition

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Seiko to re-issue iconic 'Aliens' watch

Bonhams to sell Marilyn Monroe screen-worn costumes

Claude Monet's Soleil Levant to make $250,000?

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History

Cinema to auction hoverboard for Michael J Fox Foundation

Build a Back to the Future II hoverboard for less than $50

Ray Harryhausen memorabilia collection to auction

Jaws 19 trailer released for Back to the Future Day

Vectis to auction franchise spanning Bond memorabilia

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Bob Gale's Back to the Future memorabilia collection

West German art exhibition opens in Frankfurt

Showmasters London Film and Comic Con

New ECTO-1 Ghostbusters Car Revealed by Paul Feig

Breaking Bad costumes in Prop Store auction

Sleepless in Seattle still tourist hit 25 years on

30th anniversary Goonies festival hits Astoria this June

StoryLTD to offer original Hollywood movie posters