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Franco statues pelted with eggs

Regimental Military Brooches

Royal Company of Archers' Dress Uniform

Damascened Iron Maghul armour

Flowers from the Western Front WWI sell for £3,600

Napoleon's hat sold for £1.5 million.

Napoléon's bicorn hat heading to auction

Eagle-Pommel Sword at auction

Imperial German Pickelhaube

Sextant owned by Captain Alan Hillgarth (Operation Mincemeat)

Japanese WWII Machine Gun Camera

Early 20th century Australian military flag

Important 19th century American flag at auction

Associated Naval Dress Unifrom at auction

RAF Documents for sale

RAF Tunic - Grade 1 military surplus

Fabric swatches from the flag flown on HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar

Military Statue of Frederick III

First World War Ephemera auction lot

General Giraud French High Commander Poster

John Bampfield Charge of the Light Brigade Painting

George V Naval Officer's Sword

Two First World War Biscuits sell at auction

MIlitary Display and Carnival 1914 Auction

Winston Churchill typed memorandum c 1943 auction

German Military Backsword c1525 Auction

George N Barnard US Civil War prints auction

Used military aircraft

American Civil War Confederate Torpedo Model

One Star US Civil War Flag Auction