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Lot 59: Enid Blyton handwritten postcard

Lot 46: Marilyn Monroe autograph

Lot 69: Moshe Dayan autograph

Lot 61: Fidel Castro signed cigar case

Lot 45: Laurel & Hardy autographed photo

Lot 40: Charlie Chaplin autographed Newsweek cover

Lot 43: Paul Newman autographed Newsweek cover

Lot 39: Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld autographed Newsweek cover

Lot 64: Reggie Kray owned silver locket with photo of first wife Frances and twi...

Lot 51: Colonel Sanders autographed photo

Lot 42: Robert Redford autographed Newsweek cover

Lot 34: Henry Kissinger autographed Newsweek cover

Lot 33: Calvin Klein autographed Newsweek cover

Lot 57: W Somerset Maugham autographed photo

Lot 67: Fibreglass Dinosaur head from early 1990s

Lot 68: Shimon Peres autograph

Lot 65: 5 Reggie Kray letters

Lot 63: Reggie Kray owned silver pocket watch

Lot 58: Ray Bradbury autographed letter

Lot 55: Marc Chagall autograph

Lot 62: Fidel Castro autographed document

Lot 60: Winston Churchill autographed letter

Lot 47: Marilyn Monroe high school photo

Lot 56: Andy Warhol autographed poster

Lot 66: Original vintage Japanese Geisha wig

Lot 50: Cecil B DeMille autographed photo

Lot 52: Walmart founder Sam Walton handwritten and autographed letter

Lot 53: Billy Graham autographed pamphlet

Lot 54: Pope John Paul II signed photograph

Lot 49: Jimmy Stewart autographed Harvey the rabbit sketch