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Lot 538: The Hampstead Annual

Lot 597: A brass cased linen 18ft. Lawn Tennis court measuring tape

Lot 593: Three miniature cameras

Lot 591: A mixed lot comprising three cast iron bull's head can openers

Lot 590: A Peruvian dried round gourd very finely carved with panels of a city w...

Lot 587: Erotica. A satin purse containing two metal pill boxes

Lot 584: ''The Sounds of Time''

Lot 573: Judaica. Two Books. One an anti-Israel selection of cartoons published...

Lot 558: An early 20th. century Chinese ceramic heated feeding plate with sepia...

Lot 557: A 19th. century continental ceramic rectangular inkstand

Lot 554: Russian ceramics. A plate hand painted with a portrait of Peter the Gre...

Lot 552: A ceramic two handled tazza fruit dish

Lot 551: A ceramic ewer with bird neck spout and decorated with flowers. Base ma...

Lot 548: A Japanese lacquer part tea set

Lot 547: A Zsolnay orange glazed open bowl

Lot 534: ''Hampstead Heath Its Geology and Natural History'' by the members of T...

Lot 533: ''The Northern Heights of London

Lot 510: Scrimshaw. A large animal bone carved on both sided with animals

Lot 529: ''The Annals of Hampstead Press notices etc.''

Lot 527: BOOK: 'The General Stud Book, containing Pedigrees of Race Horses from...

Lot 515: BOOK: Stud-book of the Isted Family

Lot 514: BOOK: Bunbury, Henry William, marbled board

Lot 512: BOOK: Cook, Theodore Andrea, 'Eclipse and O'Kelly'

Lot 600: A gilt metal bust of Disraeli

Lot 589: A pair antique of ormolu candlesticks in the form of putti holding bran...

Lot 583: Order of the Bath, Civil Division (GCB) Breast Star

Lot 582: Three silver tennis medals of the 1920s

Lot 536: The Hampstead Annual 1898.

Lot 578: Judaica:- an extensive collection of approx. 270 copy photos

Lot 575: Judaica. A selection of 20 cut outs lithographs. c.1900 .