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Auction sees Japanese bronze model of a curlew exceed £2,000

Superb selection of figurines in ceramics auction

Royal Doulton 'evacuees' heading to collectibles auction

Vintage advertising porcelain figurine of a Shelly Girl

Tang Dynasty horse selling as part of Chinese Ceramics collection

Meissen porcelain figure of a Marley horse with attendant

Pair of Magpie figurines by Meissen circa 1740

An antique Chinese figurine of a lady playing the flute

A large Meissen figure of a Macau parrot heading to auction

Collection of Beatrix Potter Beswick figurines

An impressive eagle figure carved from obsidian sold

Royal Copenhagen porcelain figurine of a polar bear

Large ceramic fox figurine by Beswick

Collection of Royal Doulton figurines

Early 19th Century Capodimonte porcelain figurine

Fine 19th century Meissen porcelain figure of an archer

20th century Chinese Jadeite figurine Phoenix bird

Polychrome cold painted bronze figure golden pheasant

Antique Chinese figurine Warrior glazed auction

Royal Worcester figures Lady and Gentleman George III

Collectible Beswick Pigeon figurine china

antique Italian polychrome decorated wood model horse

Cermaic Beswick figurine Barnacle goose model

Chinese antique 18th century porcelain figurines of rabbits

Large antique Meissen figurine model 19th Century

Antique Louis Wain Cubist Cat figurine rare

Antique collectible 19th Century Indian clay figurines

Chinese grey pottery figurines of Horses Han Dynasty

Rare Barbini Murano glass figurine collectible fine turtle

Americana polychrome Indian Princess Tobacconist figure