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Natalie Wood boat table to auction at Nate D Sanders

Final Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will auction for charity

Kazimir Malevich's black square reveals meaning

Early Aviation Flight Goggles

Worker Assembling B-17 Aircraft Picture

56 aircraft models, complete with stands at auction

Charles Lindbergh owned items to go up for auction

Piece of original Wright Brothers Glider sold at auction

Sunset Recovery by William S. Phillips

1940s French Leather Aviation jacket

1983 Swiss Airshow Poster

US Army Style sheepskin flight jacket

Amelia Earhart Signed ''The Fun of It'' First Edition

In pictures: Restoration of Boeing's first 747

RAF Compact, lipstick and cigarette lighter auction

Low Altitude training in an F/A-18D Hornet

Component of Wright Brothers' Model B plane

Travel items at auction

2 Bladed propeller blade.

Lockheed P-38L Lightning

Sir Douglas Bader's Dog Tags

World War 2 Trench Art model plane auction

RAF silver tray and cigarette case

Amelia Earhart Signed Ticket

1930s Flight Compass Auction

Ford JB-2 \"Buzz Bomb\"

Art Deco National Flying School Poster

Spitfire Ace\'s Medals at Auction

Oxford Aviation meeting medallion for sale

Antique Charles Lindbergh signed aviation photograph for sale