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Death Whistle for sale

Weird Nature Vs Machine Painting

Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin under legal dispute

American Civil War Cipher at auction

Fox-Headed Doll

I don't know what this is, but a picture of it is for sale.

Charles Bronson's artwork sells for £25,000 at auction

Advertising Space on upper arm at auction

Bloodstained Leather Swatch from JFK's Limo

Series of Death paintings by Percy J D Smith

Long Haired Shrunken Head Mirror Ornaments

Crazy? Or living genius?

"How to make a Voodoo Doll" tutorial

Anti-Zombie Virus Hand Sanitizer

Weird stuffed animals on Etsy

Franz Ferdinand's Bloodsoaked Tunic

Charles Bronson's paintings sell at auction

Foreign Newspapers reporting on Irish Stories.

Ronnie Kray's Wilkinson Bayonet Auction

Buffalo Chair

Electric Chair for auction

Top 10 Evil Serial Killers

French Revolution Volume with engravings for sale

Saint Apolonia reliquary bust for sale

Viennese silver and ebonized wood \'reliquary\' clock by Ludwig Politzer

1530 Anatomical book by Berengario Da Carpi for Sale

Unusual 17th century funeral invitation for sale

1670 First Edition Thomas Kerckring Anatomy Book

Anatomical Engraving Thomas Germinus For Sale

17th century carved ivory memento mori for sale