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Turkish Million Lira Note

Collection of US/ world Banknotes at auction

£10 Bernhard Nazi counterfeit note

50 pieces of world currency

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1899 Black Eagle US Silver Certficate One Dollar Bill

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Qatar & Dubai note sells for £10,500

Samoa 1967 $10 banknote

1875 State of North Carolina $2 Bill

Octopussy Banknote Auction

A collection of banknotes for auction

Banknote sells for £400

Silver certificate Fr 269 $5 banknote uncirculated

New polymer UK plastic banknotes

China Republic Tang Shi Yi Medicine Authenticity Certificate 1940 for sale

Continental currency May 10 $30 note

France 500 Francs 1994 Pick 160a Three Examples

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Bank of England £1,000,000 note

The Largest Banknote in the world 100,000-peso note

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US releases $100 banknote with new security features

Isle of Man Ten Pounds Banknote

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1000 Dollar US Federal Reserve Note

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