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Heritage launches Hong Kong office with inaugural rare coin sale

Rare US Penny Sells at Auction for $2.6 million

Very rare 1676 Charles II five Guinea gold coin at auction

Eugene H. Gardner collection of coins at auction

Weekly sale of world and ancient coins

Egyptian Ptolemy II Philadelphus Coin sold at autcion

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1907 High Relief $20 Proof 67 NGC coin sold

Anglo-Saxon or Carolingian coin fine condition

extremely rare 1776 Continental Currency Dollar sold

Grecian George II very rare 1935 Gold proof Drachmai

Maximilian II Joseph gold mining ducat

William and Mary Five Guineas 1691 Coins auction

1909 VDB 1 Cent coin auction

US coin signature Mint Half Proof Dollar

Colombia, Charles IV, Gold 8 Escudos 1806 JF Popayan coin

Danish Christian IX Gold d’or, 1869, Copenhagen coin.

Hadrian Exercitus Britannicus is Revealed as a 19th century coin

London Coins Auction very rare coins November 30th

Photo Walkthrough of the U.S.A. Mint in Philadelphia

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