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Dr Crippen's letters make £11,000 at auction

Overly Agressive Squirrel Mount for Sale

Weird Doll's Head with Residumeter

"Freak with the beard" by Hieronymus Bosch

photographs of yeti footprints

Coffin For Sale.

Dinosaur for sale.

World's largest egg is indeed a very large egg.

Coral Skull Prayer beads

WW2 Medical syringe for sale

Soviet Vinyl pressed on to X-Rays

Badly Stuffed Animals

Museum of the Macabre

Charles Bronson Art at auction

Mulberry Street Unicorn, Dr Seuss

True Crime Trading Cards

Charles Manson Painting Auction

Alexander Gardner Lincoln Conspirators Albumen Print For Sale

Antique Funeral Home Letterpress Printing Blocks For Sale

Momento Mori Signed Bronze Skeleton For sale

Dayak head hunter\'s sword For Sale

The Midnight Archive Grand Guignol

Vintage Dental Articulator for sale

Antique Champion Autopsy/embalming table for sale

Ed Gein Crime Scene Relic Tin Can For Sale Murderabilia

Macabre Tongue and Tooth Sculpture

Hampstead Auctions Ltd, Silver, Jewellery & General Antiques, 12th of Dec

Online in 3D: medieval Britons\' diseased bones

From St Peter\'s bones to severed heads: Christian relics