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Samoa 1877-80 "EXPRESS" 2s deep brown, SG18

SKU JC3178

Samoa 1877-80 "EXPRESS" 2s deep brown, 3rd state, perforations 12, block of 4 from R1-2/3-4, SG18.

A fine mint block with large part original gum.

A fine and very scarce multiple.

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value is £1,100+.

The first postal service in Samoa was organised by C.L. Griffiths, who had published the Fiji Times Express and needed a postal service for Samoa to distribute his new newspaper "Samoa Times".

The lithographic Express stamps were printed in Sydney, Australia by S.T. Leigh & Co., and the stamps were issued October 1, 1877 in time for the October 6th first printing and edition of the newspaper.

The Samoa Express service was discontinued late in 1881.

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