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MOROCCO AGENCIES 1914-31 British Currency 2s6d sepia-brown variety, SG50b

SKU JC2541

Morocco Agencies 1914-31 British currency 2s6d sepia-brown, Waterlow printing, OVERPRINT DOUBLE, ONE ALBINO, the albino overprint clearly visible 3mm below and 9mm to the right of the inked impression, SG50b.

A fine and fresh mint example with large part original gum.

A scarce variety of the famous King George V Seahorses stamp overprinted. There is actually a second albino impression, but almost coincident with the inked overprint.

British stamps overprinted "MOROCCO AGENCIES" were primarily intended for use on parcels (and later, airmail correspondence), and were on sale at British PO's throughout Morocco including Tangier until 1937.

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