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Great Britain 1813 Entire Ship Letter to London

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Great Britain 1813 Entire Ship Letter to London headed "Flying Fish off the Isle of Wight on Wednesday 19th May at 7pm 1813". Showing a very fine oval framed 'SHIP-LETTER/CROWN/DOVER', ROBS S8.

A particularly lovely quality example of this rare Ship Letter, which predates the introduction of the prepaid postal system in 1840. Such letters required payment by the recipient of the letter.

Letter carried per 'Flying Fish' Schooner 94 tons, Captain G. Froud stating "I had a very fine breeze - and been but 94 hours from Corunna".

 Lloyd's List 4772 report her arrival off Dover from Corunna in 110 hours, 20th May 1813. Ship Letter 4d Inland 72m 8d.

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