RR Auction presents: The Nasa Collection of Leon Ford Auction 455 (105 Lots)


RR Auction


Royal Sonesta Boston, 40 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, MA 02142

Sale Date

Thu, Jun 25, 2015 1:00 PM

Lot 5001: Wernher von Braun Signed Photograph

Lot 5002: Mike Adams Signed Photograph

Lot 5003: Guenter Wendt’s Alan Shepard Signed Photograph

Lot 5004: Launch Pad 5 Floodlight Signed by Shepard and Wendt

Lot 5005: Liberty Bell 7 Flown Dime

Lot 5006: Gene Kranz’s MA-8 Mission Rules Signed by Schirra

Lot 5007: MA-8’s Hand-painted Logo Signed by Schirra and Bibby

Lot 5008: Gene Kranz’s MA-9 Operations Badge

Lot 5009: Mercury 7 Signed Lithograph

Lot 5010: Mercury 7 Signed Photograph and 40th Anniversary Display

Lot 5012: Mercury and Gemini Astronauts Signed Display

Lot 5013: Charles Conrad’s Gemini 5 Flown Systems Page

Lot 5014: Gemini 9 Signed Display

Lot 5015: Gemini 6 Flown Fliteline Gold-plated Medallion

Lot 5016: Gene Cernan’s Gemini 9A Flown EVA Checklist

Lot 5017: Michael Collins’s Gemini 10 Flown Flag

Lot 5018: Gemini 10 Flown Surgical Scissors

Lot 5019: Gemini 11 Flown Penlight

Lot 5020: Gemini 11 Flown Star Chart

Lot 5022: Gene Kranz’s Gemini 12 Operations Badge

Lot 5023: Jack Lousma’s Gemini 12 Flown Fliteline Medallion

Lot 5024: Lunar Planning Chart Signed by Six Moonwalkers

Lot 5025: Moonwalkers Signed Photograph

Lot 5026: Apollo CM Heat Shield Test Block

Lot 5027: Apollo CM LiOH Filter Assembly

Lot 5028: Beta Cloth 16mm Camera Stowage Pouch

Lot 5029: Apollo LM Cabin Fan Filter

Lot 5030: Apollo LM Relay Junction Box

Lot 5031: Apollo LM Crew Umbilical Assembly

Lot 5033: Apollo 1 Gold-plated Flightline Medallion