RR Auction presents: The John Brennan Rock n' Roll Collection (503 Lots)


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Sale Date

12:00 Thu 10th - 19:00 Thu 17th May 2018

Lot 7001: Rolling Stones Signed Guitar

Lot 7002: Rolling Stones Signed Album

Lot 7003: Rolling Stones: Charlie Watts Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7004: Rolling Stones: Charlie Watts Signed Drum Head

Lot 7005: Rolling Stones: Jagger and Richards Signed Album

Lot 7006: Rolling Stones: Keith Richards Signed Guitar

Lot 7007: Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger Signed Photograph

Lot 7008: Rolling Stones: Ronnie Wood Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7009: Rolling Stones: Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor Signed Guitar

Lot 7010: Pink Floyd Signed Album

Lot 7011: Pink Floyd: Roger Waters Signed Guitar

Lot 7012: Pink Floyd: Roger Waters Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7013: Pink Floyd Signed Album

Lot 7015: Pink Floyd: Roger Waters Signed Tour Book

Lot 7016: Led Zeppelin Signed Album

Lot 7017: Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page Signed Photograph

Lot 7018: Led Zeppelin: John Paul Jones Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7019: Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant Multi-Signed Album

Lot 7020: Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant and John Paul Jones Signed Album

Lot 7021: Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7022: Black Sabbath Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7023: Black Sabbath Signed Album

Lot 7024: Black Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7025: Black Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne Signed Photograph

Lot 7026: Aerosmith Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 7027: Aerosmith Signed Album

Lot 7028: Aerosmith Signed Album

Lot 7029: Aerosmith Signed Album

Lot 7030: Aerosmith: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Signed Guitar

Lot 7031: Aerosmith: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Oversized Signed Photograph