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Unique Prince voodoo doll up for sale at RR Auction

Lottery winner wants to own 'worlds biggest' collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia

Peter Doig's Architect's Home in the Ravine sold for $16.3m

Kylie Minogue's £20,000 dress in charity auction

Julien's to sell The Collection of Dame Joan Collins

Whitney Houston Bodyguard Tour dresses up for auction

Michael Jackson's glove set for $20,000 auction

Signed Michael Buble shirt in charity auction

Robbie Williams charity auction tops £145,000 at Bonhams

Britney Spears shopping lists appear on eBay

Elvis Presley's private planes up for auction

George Harrison limited edition posters

Lady Gaga's Sunglasses from Harper's Bazaar

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Costume Sells at auction

Picture of Frank Sinatra and his entourage

Robbie Williams worn and signed jockstrap auction

Elvis Suit for Sale

14K gold and diamond ring worn owned Elvis Presley

Pharell Williams Grammys Brits Westwood hat

Pop star Lady Gaga Micheal Jackson Memorabilia

Shagbags music memorabilia band and crew itinerary

Lady Gaga signed poster

Spice Girls Memorabilia

Audrey Hepburns My Fair Lady Ascot dress

Michael Jacksons Rhinestone Glove

The Vintage Poster WNEW Louis Armstrong

Beach Boys lost archive set for auction

Judy Garland with a turkey