One of a Kind Collectibles presents: Spring Auction 2018 (151 Lots)


One of a Kind Collectibles



Sale Date

9:00 Thu 5th - 23:00 Thu 26th April 2018

Lot 1: Unique Sitting Bull Signed Photo in ink with his Family!

Lot 2: Abraham Lincoln Endorsement for release of Confederate Prisoners

Lot 3: Marilyn Monroe's Hair From her hair dresser

Lot 4: Rare! George & Ira Gershwin signed contract for "Shall We Dance"

Lot 5: Extremely Rare Manuscript letter- Signed by Saint Mother Elizabeth Seton...

Lot 6: 1999 Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII Championship Ring

Lot 7: 1998 Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII Championship Ring

Lot 8: Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited signed by Henry Ford

Lot 9: Thomas Jefferson & James Madison Signed patent

Lot 10: Robert E. Lee ALS to his son 4/17/1860

Lot 11: Ali Vs. Liston One of the Most Iconic Sports Photos Ever Taken!

Lot 12: Napoleon l warns Eugene his step son not to take military figures at fac...

Lot 13: Incredible Certificate for Akron rescue mission; for Heroism Rescue for...

Lot 14: Abraham Lincoln: Clever Slogan Ribbon with "Grant" Play-on-Words....

Lot 15: John Quincy Free Frank

Lot 16: Martin Van Buren

Lot 18: Millard Fillmore

Lot 19: Millard Fillmore Signed Stock

Lot 20: Andrew Johnson

Lot 21: James A. Garfield

Lot 22: Rutherford B. Hayes

Lot 23: Rutherford B. Hayes Beautiful Free Frank

Lot 24: Chester A. Arthur

Lot 25: Grover Cleveland Executive Mansion Card

Lot 26: Roosevelt thanks to the Governor of California for his support of The Pa...

Lot 27: Program honoring Prof. Joseph Henry, LL.D. Scientist (Chief Discoveries...

Lot 28: Theodore Roosevelt DS

Lot 29: Autograph album with Calvin Coolidge, Hellen Keller, A.A.Milne, Cardozo...

Lot 30: Calvin Coolidge

Lot 31: Stamps signed Elanor Roosevelt & John N. Garner