RR Auction presents: Space & Aviation Sale, May 2019 (405 Lots)


RR Auction



Sale Date

9:00 Thu 11th - 19:00 Thu 18th April 2019

Lot 5001: 1903 Wright Flyer Wing Fabric and First Hangar Wooden Fragment

Lot 5002: Jacqueline Cochran Pair of (2) Signed Photographs

Lot 5003: First Flights Group of (3) Relic Displays

Lot 5004: Charles Lindbergh Signed Photograph

Lot 5005: R. G. Smith Original Painting

Lot 5006: Chuck Yeager Group of (3) Signed Photographs

Lot 5007: Chuck Yeager Signed Lithograph

Lot 5008: Cosmonauts Set of (6) Signed KNIGA Covers

Lot 5009: Krechet-94 Space Suit Coverall with Boots

Lot 5010: Cosmonauts: Titov, Popovich, and Nikolayev

Lot 5011: Alexei Leonov Signed Booklet

Lot 5012: Alexei Leonov Signed Photograph

Lot 5013: Soviet Space Table Lamp

Lot 5014: Sputnik Music Box

Lot 5015: Valentina Tereshkova and Alexey Leonov Signed Photograph

Lot 5016: Orlan EVA Cosmonaut Gloves

Lot 5018: Valentina Tereshkova Signed Photograph

Lot 5019: Voskhod 2 Signed Photograph

Lot 5020: X-1 Test Pilots Multi-Signed Photograph

Lot 5021: Scott Carpenter's 1966 Calendar

Lot 5022: Scott Carpenter's Project Mercury Candidate Evaluation Booklet

Lot 5024: Gus Grissom Signed Check

Lot 5025: Gus Grissom Signed Photograph

Lot 5026: Mercury Program Earth Path Indicator

Lot 5027: Mercury 7 Signed Lithograph

Lot 5028: Mercury Astronauts Signed Photograph

Lot 5029: Mercury Seven Group of (7) Handwritten Notes

Lot 5030: Project Mercury Hopwood Covers

Lot 5031: Mercury-Atlas 1 Space Capsule Flown Panel

Lot 5033: Scott Carpenter Signed Photograph