RR Auction presents: Space And Aviation 474 (671 Lots)


RR Auction



Sale Date

12:00 Thu 14th - 18:00 Thu 21st April 2016

Lot 6001: Wilbur Wright Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 6002: Orville and Wilbur Wright Signed Photograph

Lot 6003: Orville Wright Signed Photograph

Lot 6004: Orville Wright Signed Document

Lot 6005: Aviation: Set of Nine Flown Fabric Presentations

Lot 6006: Hindenburg Piece of Metal Frame

Lot 6007: Charles Lindbergh Typed Manuscript Signed

Lot 6008: Charles Lindbergh Signed Membership Card

Lot 6009: Naval Aviation Signed Lithograph

Lot 6010: American Aviation Ejection Seat

Lot 6011: Air Force Ventilation Unit

Lot 6012: Explorer II Flown Fabric Bookmark

Lot 6013: Wernher von Braun Handwritten Manuscript

Lot 6014: Wernher von Braun Signed Award Certificate

Lot 6015: RCA Missile Test Project Report and Booklet

Lot 6016: General Electric Bio-Satellite Model

Lot 6017: Agena Space Launch Vehicle Model

Lot 6019: Sputnik Life-Sized Replica

Lot 6020: MIR Space Station Control Console

Lot 6021: Luna-9 Spacecraft Model

Lot 6022: Cosmos 2089 Flown Porthole

Lot 6023: Sergei Krikalev’s Russian Sokol Spacesuit Glove

Lot 6024: Soviet Air Force High Altitude Pressure Suit

Lot 6025: Cosmonaut Training Communications Helmet

Lot 6026: Cosmonauts Flown Film Canister

Lot 6027: Cosmonaut MIR-Era Space Food

Lot 6028: Yuri Gagarin Signed Portfolio

Lot 6029: Yuri Gagarin Signed Hotel Card

Lot 6030: Yuri Gagarin’s Radio Club Space Award Diploma

Lot 6032: Alexei Leonov Signed Lithograph