RR Auction presents: Space and Aviation 498 (286 Lots)


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Sale Date

12:00 Thu 13th - 19:00 Thu 20th April 2017

Lot 8008: World War II 'Type A-2' Military Jacket

Lot 8009: Vietnam-era Military Jacket

Lot 8012: Wernher von Braun Handwritten Manuscript

Lot 8014: Wernher von Braun Handwritten Notes

Lot 8015: Wernher von Braun Handwritten Signed Note

Lot 8017: Wernher von Braun Signed Document

Lot 8018: Wernher von Braun's Driver's License

Lot 8020: Robert H. Goddard Signature and Early Rocketry Collection

Lot 8022: Miss Baker Paw ‘Signed’ Envelope

Lot 8025: X-24 Research Vehicle Large Model

Lot 8026: X-24B Research Vehicle Small Model

Lot 8030: Cosmonaut Set of (6) Signed KNIGA Covers

Lot 8031: Vostok Cosmonauts Signed Photograph

Lot 8033: Cosmonaut Collection of (38) Signed Photographs

Lot 8034: Yuri Gagarin Signed Photograph

Lot 8035: Vostok Cosmonauts Signed Cover

Lot 8036: Valentina Tereshkova Signed Photograph

Lot 8037: Alexei Leonov Signed Photograph

Lot 8039: Sputnik 1 Model

Lot 8040: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Miniature Monument

Lot 8047: Mercury 7 VIP Monument Medallion

Lot 8048: Mercury-Era Astronauts and Spacecraft Card Dispenser

Lot 8049: MR-2: Guenter Wendt Signed Photograph

Lot 8050: MR-2: Guenter Wendt Signed Photograph

Lot 8052: MR-3: Alan Shepard Signed Photograph

Lot 8053: MR-3: Alan Shepard Signed Photograph

Lot 8054: MR-3: Alan Shepard Signed Photograph

Lot 8059: MA-5 Flown Parachute Segment

Lot 8060: MA-6 and 7: Cece Bibby Original Concept Artwork

Lot 8063: MA-6: John Glenn Pair of Signed Photographs