RR Auction presents: Space And Aviation 486 (516 Lots)


RR Auction



Sale Date

12:00 Thu 13th - 18:00 Thu 20th October 2016

Lot 6001: Early WWI and WWII Aviation Pilot’s Archive

Lot 6002: Orville Wright Signed Check

Lot 6003: Wright Brothers Vin Fiz Fabric Swatch

Lot 6004: Curtiss NC-4 Fabric Swatch

Lot 6005: Fokker T–2 Fabric Swatch

Lot 6006: Douglas World Cruiser #2 ‘Chicago’ Fabric Swatch

Lot 6007: Charles Lindbergh Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 6008: Charles Lindbergh Typed Letter Signed

Lot 6009: Amelia Earhart Signed Photograph

Lot 6010: Amelia Earhart Lockheed Vega Fabric Swatch

Lot 6011: Cuban Airmail Covers

Lot 6012: Hindenburg Crew-Signed Oversized Photograph

Lot 6014: Robert H. Goddard: Circa 1926 Alundum Rocket Nozzle Liner

Lot 6015: Robert H. Goddard: Circa 1920s Rocket Fuel Tank Baffle

Lot 6016: Robert H. Goddard: Circa 1920s/1930s Rocket Needle Valve

Lot 6017: Robert H. Goddard’s Pair of Chairs and Floor Lamp

Lot 6018: Robert H. Goddard’s Personally Hand-Painted Artwork

Lot 6019: Robert H. Goddard’s Personally Owned Blanket

Lot 6020: V-2 Rocket Photography Book

Lot 6021: V2 Rocket Tank Holder and Injection Valves

Lot 6022: V2 Rocket Combustion Chamber

Lot 6023: Pioneer Rocket Scientists Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 6024: Hermann Oberth Signed Photograph

Lot 6025: Wernher von Braun 1953 Signed Book

Lot 6026: Wernher von Braun 1956 Signed Book

Lot 6027: Wernher von Braun Signed Memorandum

Lot 6028: Wernher von Braun Typed Letter Signed

Lot 6029: Wernher von Braun White House Invitation Telegram

Lot 6030: Wernher von Braun’s Badge

Lot 6031: Wernher von Braun’s Hand-Annotated Report Notes