Nate D. Sanders Auctions presents: September 2018 Auction (226 Lots)


Nate D. Sanders Auctions



Sale Date

9:00 Mon 10th - 17:00 Thu 27th September 2018

Lot 1: First Edition, First Printing of Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Lot 2: Lewis Carroll Autograph Poem Signed in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lot 3: Charles Dodgson Autograph Letter Twice-Signed

Lot 4: Charles Dickens Autograph Letter Signed, Under Deadline for Oliver Twist

Lot 5: Large 19th Century Lithographic Poster of David Copperfield by Jules Cher...

Lot 6: First Edition, First Printing of The Great Gatsby

Lot 7: Thomas Hardy Signed Limited Edition of His Works

Lot 8: Joseph Heller Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 9: To Kill a Mockingbird First Edition, First Printing

Lot 10: George MacDonald Signed First U.S. Edition of His Masterpiece, At the Ba...

Lot 11: First Edition, First Printing of Pulitzer Prize Novel, The Late George A...

Lot 12: Margaret Mitchell Signed First Edition, First Printing of Gone With The...

Lot 13: Sylvia Plath's Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

Lot 14: Sylvia Plath Twice-Signed Driver's License From 1958

Lot 15: Alexander Pope Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 16: Beatrix Potter Signed 1902 First Edition, First Impression of The Tailor...

Lot 17: J.D. Salinger Letter Signed

Lot 18: George Bernard Shaw Signed First Edition of The Intelligent Woman's Guid...

Lot 19: John Steinbeck Signed Copy of The Grapes of Wrath

Lot 20: Incredible Hunter S. Thompson Archive of 182 Letters

Lot 21: First Edition Set of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

Lot 22: 1507 First Edition of Decachordum Christianum by Cardinal Marcus Vigeriu...

Lot 23: Bill Wilson Signed Copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Lot 25: Giacomo Puccini AMQS for Tosca

Lot 26: Max Reger Autograph Musical Quotation Signed, Plus Handwritten Note Sign...

Lot 27: Richard Strauss Signed, Handwritten Musical Manuscript for the Final Sce...

Lot 28: Beatles Signed Photo From 1962 With Pete Best as Drummer

Lot 29: David Bowie Signed Limited Edition of The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973...

Lot 30: David Bowie Signed Limited Edition of From Station to Station Travels Wi...

Lot 31: Bob Dylan Signed Double Album Blonde on Blonde