PBA Galleries presents: Sale 627: The Richard Beagle Collection of Angling & Sporting Books, Part II. With Americana, Travel & Exploration, Cartography (426 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, October 19th 2017, 11:00 - 17:00

Lot 1: Seven hunting titles from The Amwell Press

Lot 2: 5 inscribed angling volumes

Lot 3: Five classic angling first editions

Lot 4: Four classic volumes on angling

Lot 5: 13 angling volumes

Lot 6: Two facsimile editions of works on angling

Lot 7: 2 signed angling limited editions

Lot 8: The Great Salmon Rivers of Scotland 1/30

Lot 9: Ralph Bandini Men, Fish and Tackle

Lot 10: Deluxe edition of Bandini's Tight Lines

Lot 11: Joseph Bates One of 24 sets in mahogany case

Lot 12: Ray Bergman's Freshwater Bass Limited Edition

Lot 13: A Study of Colt's New Army and Navy Pattern 1/100

Lot 14: Betten's Upland Game Shooting Deluxe Edition

Lot 15: Alfred Bissell Further Notes on the Pursuit of Salar

Lot 16: Alfred Bissell In Pursuit of Salar

Lot 17: Blacker's Art of Fly Making 1994 1/50

Lot 18: William Blacker Blacker's Art of Flymaking &c. 1855

Lot 19: Charles Brooks, The Henry's Fork 1/500

Lot 20: Eugene Burns Advanced Fly Fishing:deluxe copy 1953

Lot 21: Two African Trips w/map 1902

Lot 22: Jeffrey Cardenas Marquesa Deluxe Presentation Edition

Lot 23: History of Hunting Trip in Sierra Madres 1922 rare

Lot 24: Hunting Big Game in the Sierras of Chihuahua 1905 rare inscribed

Lot 25: Charles Moreland Carter Shooting in the Early Days presentation copy

Lot 26: Eight early 20th century gun catalogs

Lot 27: Churchill Tarpon Fishing in Mexico and Florida 1998 1/50

Lot 28: Claflin, Partridge Rambles scarce

Lot 29: West of Key West, 1/75

Lot 30: Hunting Big Game in Jackson Hole, Wyoming rare