PBA Galleries presents: Sale 622: Miniature Books: The Library of a Gentleman Collector (317 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, August 24th 2017, 11:00 - 16:00

Lot 1: Complete Works of Shakespeare in 40 volumes with case

Lot 2: Four American Tract Society Dot Stories 1870s

Lot 3: Rare ad for printing on celluloid

Lot 4: Miniature Ethiopian Coptic Bible

Lot 5: Miniature of the Holy Bible New Hampshire 1835

Lot 6: The Brownie's Ball

Lot 7: Bryce miniature Burns Poems in wood binding

Lot 8: Smallest Bible in the World with Burns Family Register

Lot 9: David Bryce The Holy Bible 1896

Lot 10: David Bryce Thumb Confession Book

Lot 11: Rose Garden of Omar Khayyam former record holder

Lot 12: Cicero in miniature with a fore edge painting

Lot 13: Catalog of Vera V. Rosenberg's collection of miniature books

Lot 14: Horace Opera Omnia Sautelet 1828

Lot 15: Knickerbocker Novelty miniature Shakespeare

Lot 16: The Last Swallow From Canada

Lot 17: Livermore & Knight Cocktail, Sandwiches, Candy, & Chafing dish

Lot 18: First miniature American Song Book 1812

Lot 19: 3 mid-century book shape match safes

Lot 20: Alfred Mills Pictures of English History in Miniature

Lot 21: Alfred Mills Pictures of Roman History in Miniature

Lot 22: The Marvelous Miniature Library 6 volumes in case

Lot 23: Petit Paroissien Romain finely bound miniature

Lot 24: Photo Medallion Souvenir Llandudno Wales

Lot 25: Volume of the Foulis Pindar 1754

Lot 26: Three miniature classics by S. Rosen of Venice

Lot 27: Three miniatures from Schmidt & Gunther

Lot 28: Complete Works of Shakespeare in 40 volumes with case

Lot 29: Knickerbocker Novelty miniature Shakespeare

Lot 30: Works of Shakespeare Anthony Treherne 1904